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Trust Services

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Trust Services

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Our group is able to provide access to one of the most powerful structures for estate planning. For physicians looking to safeguard their wealth and future generations, our experienced team will deal with the specific fiduciary needs of our clients in the United States. We can protect assets from investments and savings to client-owned companies and real estate, and provide protection for customers looking to safeguard their heritage for themselves, as well as future generations. Our attorneys will guide our clients every step of the way to ensure that the client’s structure is custom-made and in line with individual goals. We are specially trained to handle the specific fiduciary needs of international clients and families. Additionally, we offer unique trust services for physicians that ensure structures are tailored to afford maximum asset protection so that physicians can practice with peace of mind.


Our team is specialized in testamentary strategies and structures focused on the protection and perpetuation of assets, such as wills and trusts, analysis of international properties, succession planning, tax advice on donation, inheritance, income tax, and business structuring with a focus on succession.

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Saint Joseph Physician Group understands the unique needs of physicians. As a physician owned company, our experienced team focuses on the right solutions so that you can focus on treating your patients.